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“Bravo, Ms Ledson, on a brilliant piece of truly funny Aussie romantic suspense.” Booktopia Blog on Monkey Business

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... if you have a great sense of humour, enjoy a bit of simmering romance and an eccentric cast of characters with heaps of fast-paced adventure, Monkey Business is sure to delight you. Hang on to your seats for another wacky ride with Erica Jewell!

Thanks Book Muster Down Under for this great review!

The author combines an agreeable mix of feisty heroine, sexy hero, black-market Tupperware, self-gratifying monkey, needy mother, bossy cat and true friends. And let’s not forget the dubious characters who are determined to stop Erica, Jack, and Joe from getting to the bottom of the mystery, and then escaping with their lives either! Put them all together, and you have a book that kept me sneaking back to read ‘just another chapter!’

The story was a real trip, literally and figuratively. It was so much fun to read I didn't want it to end and hope there's more to come from this hilarious and imaginative author.

Tall, dark and hunky Jack is an intriguing Aussie hero and the sparring and sexual tension between them kept me turning the pages to see if she gets her man or ends up alone with her crazy cat Axle, who was almost my favourite character in the book.

"Pink Beach" on Goodreads

Like the first book this book is completely addictive! Beware it's impossible to put down!

So well written, easy to get into and impossible to put down! 

Jen on Goodreads

"If you don't have an allergy to anything slightly madcap then MONKEY BUSINESS definitely delivers on the fun. And a bit of steamy longing, lust, romance, jealousy and the occasional bare-chested gorgeous hero." Follow the link for the full review, and feel free to ignore any sentences with the word "dodgy" :)

This was fantastic.... stayed up into the wee hours coz I could NOT put the book down. Kathryn certainly has a sense of humour and I will never look at my Tupperware the same ever again

I loved this book. The monkey in the tree left me crying from laughter. Kathryn Ledson has delivered another great book. 

A delicious snack of fun and laughter.

Monkey business should come with a warning: Do not drink coffee while reading the jungle scene, coffee may come out your nose. 

Nigelle-ann Blaser

In the style of Janet Evanovich, Ledson has created a likeable heroine but with a truly Australian voice. This is a fun, light-hearted read, filled with gripping action and adventure. Monkey Business is the second Erica Jewell novel and let's hope there's plenty more to come.

Woman's Day

"Bravo, Ms Ledson, on a brilliant piece of truly funny Aussie romantic suspense. Oh, and thank you for breaking my romance reading dry spell – now please write another!"

"...A variation of chick lit, this is crime fiction lite, seasoned with a generous dollop of romance."


"Monkey Business is the next instalment of the Erica Jewell series. Very funny and very fast paced with each page drawing you closer and closer to the action of adventure and romance!"

...  a fun read that leaves you shaking your head and laughing at the same time. Erica Jewell has just the right amount of zaniness for me.

Fans of Janet Evanovich will enjoy this novel, with the addition of a really Australian flavour.

Bravo, Ms Ledson, on a brilliant piece of truly funny Aussie romantic suspense. Oh, and thank you for breaking my romance reading dry spell – now please write another!

"I loved this book. One of my favourites for the year. Kathryn had me laughing throughout it and I couldn't put it down." 

Fiona Palmer, Australian author

"Kathryn Ledson's debut novel is full of fun, romance, danger and action, and the type of lead character one could base a series on ... An exciting read, full of exciting twists and turns and the type of ending that makes you want a little more. Perhaps book two?" 

"I just finished Rough Diamond! Loved it so much I read it in a day! Wish I didn't have to wait for the next one!"

Ashley Carr, who may or may not also be my niece...

"Rough Diamond is hysterical, sassy, sexy, romantic and jam packed full of action. A sensational debut by a very talented author. Watch out Stephanie Plum, the Erica Jewell series is here to kick your butt!" 

"Loved, loved, loved ROUGH DIAMOND! When's Erica Jewell's next adventure going to be released??? Fantastic humour and such a gorgeous hero." 

"Jack Jones is destined to be one of the memorable heroes of Australian fiction." 

Critics are raving about Kathryn Ledson's debut novel as it is a rollicking tale with fabulous characters, lots of laughs and an exciting plot. A new star on the rise in Australian romantic fiction!"

"Rough Diamond is a fabulously entertaining debut novel and I am already eager for the next installment."

"If you like Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum, Marianne Delacourt's Tara Sharp, I think you will love Erica Jewell in Rough Diamond."

"As I was reading I would laugh at something and think - I must remember that as a favourite quote for the review - but then I kept reading and there was another, then another."

"ABSOLUTELY LOVED it. Total hoot to read. Can't wait for the next one :)"

"BETTER than Stephanie Plum, and I realise there are a lot of comparisons to the American series, but this is just, well, better!"

"Rough Diamond is, to be polite about it, simply brilliant." 

"Erica Jewell is such a wonderful character, I love the freshness of this book, as for Jack Jones he is my new book crush" 

Romantic caper, with just a smidgen of edge, ROUGH DIAMOND is the first book in a new Melbourne based series built around a typically untypical pair - Erica Jewell and Jack Jones.


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