Glen Thomson

After twenty-five crazy and wonderful years juggling a full time career in multi-national organisations as a single mother of three, Glen Thomson’s life took a surprising change. She married a work colleague and they moved to a 500 acre cattle property and blueberry orchard in north-eastern Victoria. Glen’s first novel, Blameless, is a fast-paced drama that plots the rise and fall of a corporate icon and the human toll that is wreaked. As we traverse from Melbourne to Hong Kong we follow a story of corporate intrigue, human fallibility and scorned love.

Tips for Fiction Writers

I do have some advice for writers. Whether or not it’s helpful I don’t know, but here it is anyway. I’ve got “big picture” advice (which gets a little Zen), and something more immediately useful. All this might change and grow as I do in both life and as a writer. In that case, consider this a work-in-progress and, like my advice about getting published, remember that this is subjective and most definitely not exhaustive. So, here, the first instalment:

The Big Picture

Don’t compare yourself to others because if you do, this will happen:

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