Monkey Business

The Terrifying Second Novel Thing

Now that Monkey Business is idling quietly in the wings, its final proofread done and dusted, the cover committed, awaiting its launch into the world of bookshops and cyberspace, I have time to turn my attention to the past year and the forthcoming one. With Christmas and the New Year approaching, I reckon reflection and planning are perfectly appropriate things to do.

Monkey Business!

Yes, I may well have been up to some monkey business instead of paying attention to my poor neglected website, and I will address that soonish (sorry website), but for now I'm delighted to announce that the new title for book 2 in the Erica Jewell series is .... MONKEY BUSINESS! A much more appropriate name, considering the monkey business that goes on in what was called Emerald Island.

And now back to the edits. I'm thrilled with how this novel is taking shape, under the very clever guidance of Penguin's fine team of editors.

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