Erica Jewell

Anyone for Tennis?

What inspired my novel, Grand Slam? Well, at just 14 years of age, I was a champion tennis player. They talked about me as the Next Big Thing. My serve was faster than all the boys my age and I never double-faulted. My long (tanned) legs transported me with unsurpassed speed around the champion courts of Australia. Tennis coaches lined up, begging to take me on as their protégé.


TAKING THE BATON: I’ve been tagged by the inimitable Sue Williams to participate in the Meet My Character blog hop. Sue’s fabulous debut novel Murder With The Lot came out at about the same time as mine, and I read it, laughing out loud, jealously wishing I’d been clever enough to come up with some of the brilliant lines she wrote. I tracked Sue down and we’ve become firm e-friends with the occasional face-to-face catch up, usually via Sisters in Crime (unless I get stuck in traffic and miss out.

Monkey Business!

Yes, I may well have been up to some monkey business instead of paying attention to my poor neglected website, and I will address that soonish (sorry website), but for now I'm delighted to announce that the new title for book 2 in the Erica Jewell series is .... MONKEY BUSINESS! A much more appropriate name, considering the monkey business that goes on in what was called Emerald Island.

And now back to the edits. I'm thrilled with how this novel is taking shape, under the very clever guidance of Penguin's fine team of editors.

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