I'm so SO looking forward to getting out there, talking about my novel, meeting lots of people. Here are some upcoming events - all welcome - would love to see you there. on
Of the many jobs Anja Tanhane’s had over the years, one left its mark more than most. About eight years ago, Anja was working as a recreational therapist in a hospital unit for people who'd suffered a severe Acquired Brain Injury (ABI). Many of the patients were young, in their early twenties, and all had been left severely disabled by their injuries. Anja worked with the patients, supporting them to communicate and express themselves even if they could no longer speak. on
Here’s the thing. I reckon you’re either a Grand Schemer or a Detailer. Maybe you can be both, but I don’t see how that could work. on
My poor website. While I've been off having a fabulous time chatting with people, launching my book, laughing a lot, my website sits here neglected, waiting for action, waiting for me to at least acknowledge Rough Diamond's birth day! Which happened last Wednesday, the 30th. Finally, Erica is here, in store. on
After twenty-five crazy and wonderful years juggling a full time career in multi-national organisations as a single mother of three, Glen Thomson’s life took a surprising change. She married a work colleague and they moved to a 500 acre cattle property and blueberry orchard in north-eastern Victoria. on
I do have some advice for writers. Whether or not it’s helpful I don’t know, but here it is anyway. I’ve got “big picture” advice (which gets a little Zen), and something more immediately useful. All this might change and grow as I do in both life and as a writer. on
I’ve been tagged by sexy siren Kate Belle ( to participate in this Next Big Thing thing. She asked me ages ago and, true to form, I put it off because I didn’t know what to do, even though she told me. I have since taken the 30 seconds required to rediscover what’s needed, and that is this: on
A few years ago I fell in love with Jewelene Barrile’s writing. And now, it doesn’t matter what her work is about; I gobble it up and wait impatiently for her next thing. Jewelene is an award winning writer whose skill will leave you breathless. This short story is an excerpt from her recently completed manuscript on
Belated New Year greetings! on
What to write, what to write? I need to put things on my new website! This is my first blog, I’m a writer, and I do have things to say about my career and all that it encompasses. I probably should write about writing – I’m a wordsmith after all and I adore the ridiculousness of the English language – but my feeling is to kick-start my blogging with a post about life, which is my other favourite subject and much more intriguing than words. on