To celebrate the January release of Monkey Business, I'm giving away a copy of both Monkey Business and Rough Diamond to one lucky reader. on
That title, I mean both figuratively and literally. The metaphor of course relates to my neglect of my poor website, and there are various excuses for that, but let me share the most interesting one. on
Yes, I may well have been up to some monkey business instead of paying attention to my poor neglected website, and I will address that soonish (sorry website), but for now I'm delighted to announce that the new title for book 2 in the Erica Jewell series is .... MONKEY BUSINESS! A much more appropriate name, considering the monkey business that goes on in what was called Emerald Island. on
Is this what everyone else does? Post the blogs you've written for someone else on your own website? I suppose for lazy bloggers (me?) or bloggers who can't think of what to say (that might be me), this is a good way to go about it. on
Sheila Hollingworth is probably scratching her head, wondering where she went wrong, or right, with me, her student. In 2006/07, Sheila taught me how to be a sensational non-fiction writer. I know what a good travel article needs, and a feature article, and I know how to put together a PR campaign, write an annual report and even an executive summary! So, she’s possibly wondering, where on earth did Rough Diamond come from? Well, that’s a question for the universe and not us mere mortals to ponder and besides, this isn’t about me. on
I'd just like to say THANK YOU to Penguin's hard-working publicity department, in particular Rhian Davies who organised such impressive-beyond-belief promotion for Rough Diamond and its author. on
More on this later, but I just had to show off the window at Great Escape Books, all ready to go for my launch party tonight! on
Why offer up your own writing advice when you can steal someone else's? Especially someone as esteemed as Lee Kofman. I knew of Lee through at least six different people, not necessarily all from my writing world, and finally met her at a dinner party at her own house! This makes you wonder, doesn't it, when someone's so clearly meant to be in your life? (Maybe it's because of her fabulous cooking, and I need more of that since my sister moved away.) on
Last night I walked into my bathroom and was transported instantly to a time and place that was once very precious to me, and is still precious to my memory. I could smell my grandmother. Specifically, Gram’s bathroom. Whether she was with me or not I don’t know – she’s been dead a long time – but that’s not important. on
And now for something completely sexy. Kate Belle is a woman of many passions who juggles her pens with the rest of her life. She holds a tertiary qualification in chemistry, half a diploma in naturopathy and a diploma in psychological astrology. on