Welcome to our monthly blog - a writerly chat between Sydney Smith, Jennifer Scoullar and me, where Sydney poses a question; Jen and I answer, then Sydney smacks our wrists and provides the REAL answer. :) Our discussions offer tips for writers at all levels. This month we're discussing the plot trigger. on
What is it that creates a totally awesome, mould-breaking woman? What is it about the women who bucked the system and reached for goals beyond the norm, knowing the hardships they would undoubtedly have to deal with along the way? What made these women think – know – they could? on
Welcome to our cross-blog, which offers tips on writing. Every month Sydney Smith will ‘interview’ Jennifer Scoullar and me on some aspect of the writing craft. We welcome your questions and comments; feel free to respond on this page. on
Last night I saw a lady speak to a small group about her career. It was a regular Rotary meeting, but with the addition of a guest speaker. Not just any old speaker about any old career. No. Commander Faye Bell was, and always will be, America’s first female Top Gun pilot. on
Welcome to our first cross-blog, which offers tips on writing, with particular emphasis on the romance genre. Every month, Jennifer Scoullar, Sydney Smith and I will get together to discuss some aspect of the writing craft. These blogs will be concise, to allow room for discussion with our readers. We welcome your questions and comments; feel free to respond on this page. on
Thanks very much Jennifer Scoullar for tagging me in this blog hop. Jen is the very fine author of several novels, some you’ll no doubt know about and have probably read: Brumby’s Run and Currawong Creek already in store, with the much anticipated Billabong Bend due for release by Penguin in May. on
So delighted! Monkey Biz in store today! on
It’s funny. You think you know people. You think that by the time you’re *ahem* XX years old, you know for example what friendship is all about. But this is not the case, not at all. on
Delighted that SHARON has won the Monkey Business competition! on
Now that Monkey Business is idling quietly in the wings, its final proofread done and dusted, the cover committed, awaiting its launch into the world of bookshops and cyberspace, I have time to turn my attention to the past year and the forthcoming one. With Christmas and the New Year approaching, I reckon reflection and planning are perfectly appropriate things to do. on